Gupta Programming, A SAS Institute Quality Partner (1996-2001)

Gupta Programming

Developed, validated and documented user-friendly applications for data entry and report generation.


Education: Overview of Oracle Clinical, Amgen, Thousand Oaks, CA Nov. 2001

Clients: Amgen - Biostatistics, San Diego Clinical Research Associates, Inc. - A Quintiles Company, SMCI, Synteract Inc.

Projects: Data Entry System

  • Menu Structure/Drill down
  • Browse dataset
  • Edit dataset
  • Patient listing
  • Password protection
  • Data entry
  • Logical checks - field level, logic level
  • Auto update of fields - date, user, etc.
  • Table look-ups
  • Error messages
  • Execute SAS� statements
  • Auto advance to next screen
  • Auto population of header fields - amgen id, patient id
  • Entry of comments
  • Help instructions
  • Check for duplicate records
  • Auto increment of patient # for new patients
  • Update lookup table with new entries
  • Define function keys for record movement
Data entry system user instructions

Created Microsoft Access application for clinical study that was used for data entry and data verification. Reports were generated from the application. The application was Year 2000 compliant.


"Preparing the SAS® Software Programming Environment for Regulatory Submission", Sunil K. Gupta - Invited Paper in Data Warehouse section at SUGI 26, WUSS 2000, SUGI 25



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