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Quotes from my Students

"I enjoyed your class, I certainly learned some new things!"
"Thank you for being one of my best instructors.
I always learn a lot from your classes.
SANDS 2002

"I can immediately implement or apply any of the concepts and/or techniques.", "Presentation meets my expectations.", WUSS 2006

"You are an excellent teacher and do a great job!", WUSS 2004

"I thank you for providing us with such valuable information and wish to attend further of those in the future.", ODS class 2004

"You are a wonderful teacher, very patient and helpful.",
Pharmaceutical Corporate Client, 2004

"Your book was very thorough and helpful." WUSS 2003

"Great seminar yesterday, and great turn out too!", UCLA, 2003

"Your presentation was great, nicely polished, easy to understand, and paced just right. People really appreciated it.", SVSUGS 2002




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