Gupta Programming

Understand and manage data warehouse structure for optimum storage and query performance.

Modules: SAS/BASE®, SAS/ACCESS®, SAS/STAT®, JMP® software

Clients: Cema Distribution, Amgen - Safety Department, Miravant Medical Technologies, Timely Technical Solutions, SMCI, Westech



Management of Sales, Marketing and Inventory data for distribution center- Processed upto 40 million records of information on US Sales, Inventory, & Orders. Managed data on Retail Sales and Advertising Expenses

Prepare adverse events files and datasets for Safety Dept. Datamart

Worked with ClinTrials Software to extract data files for analysis

Documentation, Data validation, Data cleaning & Data edit checks

Convert between JMP files and SAS� Datasets

Creation of a Single Integrated Statistical Analysis Dataset

Prepared SAS� files to be sent to FDA with submission



"An Alternative Method of Transposing Data Without the Transpose Procedure" - SUGI ‘97, South-East SAS Users Group Meeting ‘95, San Diego SAS Users Group & Western Users of SAS Software ‘95 - Best Contributed Paper

"Selectively Processing SAS� Datasets-Technical Tip" -PharmaSUG Newsletter ‘97

"Database Design Strategies in CANDAs" - PharmaSUG ‘96 - Best Contributed Paper


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