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Years of Experience with SAS® Software

I started using SAS® software in January 1992. Since then, I have enjoyed programming in SAS® for all my clients software application requirements for data management, report generation, statistical analysis, and application development. Several of my challenging projects include managing the generation of production reports from a data warehouse, managing the conversion and testing of production programs for year 2000 compliance, and maintaining the most recent information available on the web from SAS® datasets.

Along with my numerous SAS paper presentations and workshops at SUGI, Regional, and Local SAS User Groups meetings, I wrote my first book on SAS's new ODS called "Quick Results with the Output Delivery System". I also coauthoring another book titled "Sharpening Your SAS Skills". In 2006, I released my third SAS book titled "Data Management and Reporting Made Easy with SAS Learning Edition 2.0".

Mastering SAS software can have a number of benefits on both a personal and professional level. Whether you are planning on using such software to improve the performance of a large corporate organization or simply want to build upon the current management system of your own private organization, understanding SAS can be extremely valuable. My extensive experience allows me to produce books and training courses which can help you in this.

My offer of SAS training courses I have developed and taught include: Sharpening Your SAS Skills and Best Practices in SAS Clinical Programming for Regulatory Submission. The Sharpening Your SAS Skills course is based on the popular book of the same name and is designed to help you prepare for the SAS Base Certification exam. The Best Practices in SAS Clinical Programming for Regulatory Submission course is designed to get SAS Programmers from most any field to become knowledgeable and experienced with the high demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

Business Expertise

I have been an Independent Consultant since July 1994. I became a SAS Institute Quality Partner the following year. In 2000, I became a SAS Certified Professional V6 and in 2003, I passed the SAS Base Programmer Certification exam. Successfully running a SAS® consulting business requires a sound technical knowledge of the SAS® software to meet customer requirements. Clients expect me to understand their needs and to communicate to them the project progress.

I have been in management and project lead positions during the 18 years that I have been in the Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Sales & Marketing Industries. I understand how business functions and how to work together as a team member to achieve results.

Tools & Technology

Attending SAS® training classes every year is essential for business growth. Often my clients need me to be knowledgeable about SAS®?s advanced tools and technology. I am better able to serve my clients by guiding them on the proper use of the new SAS® software modules. SAS® Institute provides a variety of modules such as the SAS/MDDB®, SAS/IntrNet® and the SAS/Warehouse Administrator® to meet the growing demand of all SAS® users. In addition, I have experience in Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ) to meet FDA regulation requirements.

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