Gupta Programming

Used macros and Proc SQL to automate and develop data-driven programming techniques.



Business Information System Management - Ad hoc Requests

Daily Report Application

- Developed Macro-Based Application for Report Generation System of MGDF Clinical Studies. This facilitated report creation for new studies and minimized programming maintenance of existing studies.

Independently developed SAS® code and applications including macro language programming, statistical analysis, table generation, and data listing within an aggressive timeline. SAS® programs and outputs were used by the CRO for submission for product approval by FDA.

SAS® validation programming for field and logical error checking of clinical study data. Utilized macros and formats of error codes to improve the efficiency and maintenance of the application.


"Utilization of SAS® programs in the Business Environment", Sunil K. Gupta,  Charles E. Shipp - Poster Presentation at WUSS 2000, SUGI 25

"Solving Business Problems with the SQL Procedure", - Invited Paper at SUGI ‘96





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